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Find information in Chemsoft (Read-only users)

Wednesday, September 2024

This is step 1 to learn Chemsoft

Have you recently received work assignments in Chemsoft, are new to the company, or have been assigned a read access to Chemsoft? Then this introductory training is for you!

Chemsoft is a chemical management system with functions that are applicable to many different parts of a your organisation. The most important part for those who handle the chemicals in every day work assignment, are the safety dataasheets. These inform about how safe handling should take place for a specific chemical, what protective equipment should be used, how to handle an accident linked to health, environment or safety etc.


In this training, you as a participant get an overall overview of how the system is structured, information about the various authorizations and the purpose of a chemical management system. Step by step we will guide you through Chemsoft via the read-only view and look at Chemsoft home page and its various features, how to find your department and how to find important information such as safety data sheets and material safety data sheets.


The goal of the training is to gain an understanding of Chemsoft's structure and to know how to most quickly find the necessary information when handling chemicals.

Who is the training for?

New users to Chemsoft or if you need to refresh your knowledge at a basic level.

Most common login for Read-only permission is via the login link.

Why should you choose our training?

✅ Expert Instruction: Learn from our experienced chemical consultants who have extensive experience and knowledge of Chemsoft's various functions and practical use of it.

✅ Compliance and safety: Learn how Chemsoft can be used in your and your colleagues' daily work to increase safety when handling chemicals.

✅ Company tailored: There is the possibility to tailor the training to your specific needs. Contact us and we will help you with a quote.

Book your spot today!

Ensure your and your colleagues' safety around chemical handling. Sign up for our training today!


30 minutes



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